The UpStream Organization

1. Address

P.O. Box 36040
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
B3J 2S9
P: (902) 461-1232 F: (902) 463-9621

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3. Board of Directors - 2012/13  

Arthur Bull - Chair - policy analyst/musician 
Dr. Chris Elson - Secretary - musician, professor at King's College
Dr. Marilynne Bell  - Treasurer - medical doctor

Tom Donovon - Director - lawyer
Lukas Pearse  - Director - composer/musician    
Adam Linson - Director - musician/computer consultant  
Richard Starr - Director - author/policy consultant                                                                                

4. Management

Paul Cram -  Artistic Director/Producer
Gay Hauser - Administrator 
Lorne Armstrong  - Bookkeeper
Lyle/Tilley/Davidson - Accountant


5. Details of Incorporation

Incorporation Date: April 4, 1990
NS Registration number: 2016338
Federal Charitable Tax Number: 136152469 RR0001

6. Presenter and Networking Affiliations (past and present)
Canadian New Music Network 
JazzEast Rising – Halifax – Susan Hunter
Scotia Festival of Music- Halifax- Chris Wilcox
LiveArt Productions – Halifax - Gay Hauser
Canadian Music Centre (Atlantic) - Shawn Bostick
Atlantic Federation of Musicians Local 571
Atlantic Canadian Composers Association (ACCA)
St. Cecilia Concert Series
Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts – Halifax - Ifan Williams
Symphony Nova Scotia – Halifax 
Innovations in Music – Montreal – Tim Brady
Traquen’art – Montreal – Patrick Darby
Music Gallery – Toronto – Jim Montgomery
Coastal Jazz and Blues – Vancouver – Ken Pickering
Western Front – Vancouver – DB Boyko
Ottawa Jazz Society – Ottawa – Catherine O’Grady
Dame/Ambiences Magnetiques – Montreal – Joane Hetu
Sound Symposium – Newfoundland
Tri-Centric Foundation –USA – Anthony Braxton
Nova Scotia Cultural Network
Creative Music Studio – Woodstock, New York - Karl Berger
Spor Organization – Copenhagen, Denmark – Lotte Ankers
Gallerie Sans Nom - Moncton

7. Musicians (past and present)
Doug Cameron - drums
Jeff Torbert - guitar
Lisa Lindo - voice
Ruth Boggild - flute
Suzanne Lemieux – Oboe 
Janice Jackson, Soprano 
Chris Palmer – Bassoon
Dawn Hatfield – Baritone Sax
Zackary Fairbrother - guitar
John Scott – Cello 
David Christensen – Clarinet 
Daniel Oore – Tenor Sax 
Seth von Handorf – Alto Sax 
Daniel Oore – Tenor Sax 
Mitch leBlanc – Alto Sax
Tim Elison – Trumpet
Rick Waychesko – Trumpet
Eric Landry – Trombone
Anna Plaskett – French horn
Doug Cameron – Drums
Lee Park – Violin
Meridith Bates – Violin
Gina Burgess - Violin
Norman Adams – Cello
Lukas Pearse - Double Bass
Liam Tucker – Bass
Adam Fine – Bass
Jeff Reilly - Bass Clarinet and Clarinet
David Burton – Drums
Susan Sayles – Viola 
Chris Wilkinson – Violin 
Anne Simons – Violin 
Patti Creighton – Flute 
Margaret Isaacs - Clarinet 
Steve MacDonald – Guitar 
Tom Roach – Drums 
Jim Faraday – Percussion 
Richard Simoneau – Trumpet 
Kirsty Money – Violin 
Alexandra Bates – Viola 
Celeste Jankowski – Violin 
Max Kasper – Contrabass 
Karin Aurell – Flute
Lori Freidman – Clarinet (Montreal) 
Mark Frewer – Violin (Toronto) 
Steven Dann – Viola (Toronto) 
Maya Homberger – Violin (Ireland) 
Tena Palmer - Voice – (Iceland) 
Francois Houle – Clarinet (Vancouver)
Don Palmer - alto and soprano sax, flute 
Sandy Moore - Accordion, Irish Harp, Piano 
Steven Naylor - Piano, Synthesizer 
Paul Cram - Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet 
Jeff Reilly - Bass Clarinet and Clarinet
Steve Tittle - Trumpet
Steven Naylor - piano/synthesizer
Bob Bauer – Guitar 
Christoph Both – Cello 
Bruce Jacobs - Electric Bass 
Jamie Gatti - Electric Bass and Contrabass 
David Burton – Drums 
Dave James – Drums

8. Government and Corporate Affiliations
Canada Council of the Arts
Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture
Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (SOCAN)
SOCAN Foundation
Halifax Regional Municipality
Dalhousie University
The Craig Foundation

9. Ensemble Affiliations
New Orchestra Workshop – Vancouver – Coat Cooke
London Jazz Composers Orchestra – UK – Barry Guy
Ambiences Magnetiques - Montreal
Sam Rivers Trio – USA. Trio Chroch – Denmark.Topology – Australia
Primal Orbit – Vancouver. Aros – Holland, Jazzstory - Toronto, Pierre Labbe Sextet - Montreal
Tony Wilson Sextet - Vancouver, Rosa Ensemble - Holland.

10. Musician Affiliations – National/International
Jean Derome, Tom Walsh, Pierre Cartier, Pierre Tanguy, Rob Clutton, Tim Posgate, Conrado del Rosario, Lori Friedman, Mark Fewer, Akikazu Nakamure, Michiyo Yagi, Vinnie Golia, Coat, Cooke, Tim Brady, Andre Leroux, Daniel Heikalo, Arthur Bull, Marilyn Lerner, Ig Hennemen, Francois Houle, Lisle Ellis, Paul Plimley, David Mott, Sam Rivers, Tim Berne, Peter Brotzman, Hamid Drake, Ab Baars, Rosa Ensemble, Barry Guy, Maya Homberger, Michael Vlatkovitch, Harris Eisenstadt, Pierre Tanguay,

11. Past Co-Artistic Directors
Christoph Both: 1998 – 2001
Paul Cram: 1990 – present
Jeff Reilly: 1990 – 2000; Artistic Consultant 2000-present.
Bob Bauer: 1990 – 1998
Steven Naylor: 1997- 2000
Don Palmer: 1999 – 2001

12. Founding Members of the Upstream Ensemble.
Steve Tittle, Bob Bauer, Tom Roach, Jeff Reilly, Steven Naylor, Sandy Moore, Paul Cram, Don Palmer