A Love Upstream

Internal Combustion finale - Jeff Reilly

Out of the Ashes - Paul Cram

A Love Upstream is Upstream Music's  houseband. It is:
Timi Levy – violin
Rick Waychesko - trumpet
Paul Cram - tenor sax/clarinet
Jeff Reilly - bass clarinet
Dawn Hatfield – baritone and alto saxes/flute
Jeff Torbert - guitar
Tim Crofts - piano/synthesize
Lukas Pearse – contrabass/electric bass/electronics
David Burton/drums
Recent guests: Marilyn Lerner, Lori Freedman, Erin Costello and Malcolm Goldstein

Recently re-branded as  A Love Upstream,  the new  Upstream Ensemble brings together  contemporary classical,R&B, avant jazz/world and beyond with exciting long-form compositions that bring out the beast in the moment. The original UPSTREAM ENSEMBLE was formed in 1990 . The original members were Don Palmer, Steve Tittle, Paul Cram, Jeff Reilly, Bob Bauer, Sandy Moore, Steven Naylor and Tom Roach. Instinctually, the group embraced long-form improvisation and composition . Over the years Upstream’s musicians have upheld this founding energy and continued to write  for each other’s strengths.
In the early years the ensemble performed an average of 4 concerts a year in Halifax. In 1993 they  toured to Music Across America in Toronto and released a CD entitled Open Waters. The group collaborated quite successfully with Symphony Nova Scotia from 1994 to 1998 and disbanded in 1999 in favour of the 22-piece Upstream Orchestra: an ensemble incorporating symphony musicians wishing to participate in Upstream's process. The millenium saw the consolidation of Upstream as an Association with a broader purpose. From there the original Upstream ensemble energy  has re-emerged with new members and new ensembles and  musicians who grew up alongside the original Upstream  bringing new energy to the party.