Guerilla Orchestra

It's fun, it's entertaining. It can get wild – it can soar – it can be just plain nutty. The conductor is out front  cuing the musicians individually or collectively to play certain phrases, melodies, rhythms out of the air or from short scores – piecing it all together in some coherent whole. It's like theatre sports on the bandstand – and each conductor has his very own musical – and physical – style of “conduction”. The music is far reaching and features off-beat arrangements and funky originals. Think James Brown meets Sun Ra meets Bjork meets Zappa meets Leonard Cohen meets Penderecki meets you meets...

Toni Pigot – voice, Janice Jackson-voice, Lee Park – violin, Rick Waychesko – trumpet, Chris Mitchell- alto sax, Danny Oore- sopranino/tenor sax, Paul Cram – tenor sax/clarinet, Jeff Reilly - clarinet/bass clarinet, Dawn Hatfield – baritone sax, Danny Sutherland – bass, Doug Cameron – drums, Lukas Pearse - bass, Andrew Duke – electronica.