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For over 24 years, the Upstream Music Association has been creating pan-genre orchestral nujazz, beyond classical, cyber world, experimental music improvisation, composition & conduction ensembles, concert series, festivals, recordings, workshops and symposia in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Board of Directors - 2013/14

Richard Starr - writer

Dr. Chris Elson - Secretary - musician, professor at King's College
Dr. Marilynne Bell  - Treasurer - medical doctor

Members at Large
Tom Donovon - Director - lawyer, Adam Linson - Director - musician/computer consultant,

Lukas Pearse  - Director - composer/musician, Richard Starr - Director - author/policy consultant                                                                                

Paul Cram -  Artistic Director/Producer
Gay Hauser - Part-time Administrator
Lorne Armstrong  - Bookkeeper
Lyle/Tilley/Davidson - Accountant

Our Supporters and Sponsors






Musicians (past and present)Ann Denny

Doug Cameron - drums

Ann Denny - vocals, keyboard
Jeff Torbert - guitar
Lisa Lindo - voice
Ruth Boggild - flute
Suzanne Lemieux – Oboe 
Janice Jackson, Soprano 
Chris Palmer – Bassoon
Dawn Hatfield – Baritone Sax
Zackary Fairbrother - guitar
John Scott – Cello 
David Christensen – Clarinet 
Daniel Oore – Tenor Sax 
Seth von Handorf – Alto Sax 
Daniel Oore – Tenor Sax 
Mitch leBlanc – Alto Sax
Tim Elison – Trumpet
Rick Waychesko – Trumpet
Eric Landry – Trombone
Anna Plaskett – French horn
Lee Park – Violin
Meridith Bates – Violin
Gina Burgess - Violin
Norman Adams – Cello
Lukas Pearse - Double Bass
Liam Tucker – Bass
Adam Fine – Bass
Jeff Reilly - Bass Clarinet and Clarinet
David Burton – Drums
Susan Sayles – Viola 
Chris Wilkinson – Violin 
Anne Simons – Violin 
Patti Creighton – Flute 
Margaret Isaacs - Clarinet 
Steve MacDonald – Guitar 
Tom Roach – Drums
Richard Simoneau – Trumpet 
Kirsty Money – Violin 
Alexandra Bates – Viola 
Celeste Jankowski – Violin 
Max Kasper – Contrabass 
Karin Aurell – Flute
Lori Freidman – Clarinet (Montreal) 
Mark Frewer – Violin (Toronto) 
Steven Dann – Viola (Toronto) 
Maya Homberger – Violin (Ireland) 
Tena Palmer - Voice – (Iceland) 
Francois Houle – Clarinet (Vancouver)
Don Palmer - Alto and Soprano Sax, Flute 
Sandy Moore - Accordion, Irish Harp, Piano 
Steven Naylor - Piano, Synthesizer 
Paul Cram - Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet 
Jeff Reilly - Bass Clarinet and Clarinet
Steve Tittle - Trumpet
Steven Naylor - piano/synthesizer
Bob Bauer – Guitar 
Christoph Both – Cello 
Bruce Jacobs - Electric Bass 
Jamie Gatti - Electric Bass and Contrabass 
David Burton – Drums 
Dave James – Drums